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How to find a real estate agent

You may think that you don’t need a real estate agent and that using one will add to the cost of buying your new home. The fact is, a real estate agent’s fees are generally paid by the seller of the house. So as a buyer, you can get the services of a professional real […]


Early 2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

All over the web, the first quarterback rankings are being posted in preparation for the upcoming fantasy football drills. At this early stage, it’s mostly hardcore fantasy owners who are starting to build their ratings. But it’s also these owners who are likely to win their leagues year after year. With that said, here are […]

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Do clouds affect solar panels?

Cloudy weather. Harsh winters. Rain. If this sounds like an area you live in and want to install solar panels, you might be wondering, “should I bother?” The general perception is that the weather has a direct correlation with the output of your system. Or in other words, cities like Columbus, Pittsburgh or New York […]