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Bully Busting 101 Part 1

Nanny State’s approach to preventing people from being bullied is a dismal failure. Bullies can run free without accountability and schools are being held legally responsible. (Yes, schools are being sued for bullying.) The problem of bullying usually starts at home. You only have to watch some of the children’s sports to see how parents […]


Is Now The Right Time To Buy A Car Dealership?

There is never a bad weather buy a car dealership, just a mistake way buy one. In 2009 there have been dealerships (both domestic and import) that have made more than half a million dollars in a month, however, most experts said that 2009 was not the time to buy a dealership. Remember: “If you […]


7 strategies for sustained innovation

The need for constant reinvention is a given in today’s business environment. And while a revolutionary product or concept can catapult an organization ahead of its competitors, in these fast-paced times, that advantage is often short-lived. While major product or service advancements make news, it is the constant incremental innovations employees make every day that […]


How to Play Bakugan for Parents

Learn to play Bakugan now! It is easy! Here you will find the basic information you need so that you and your children can enjoy Bakugan. Before the battle: Two to four players can play at the same time. Before starting, each player must select a deck of a minimum of three Bakugan Brawlers and […]

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Personality traits of a Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Jupiter and symbolized by the archer. You will discover that Sagittarius is a very simple individual. But they are also very calm, cheerful, curious and optimistic. They are often so optimistic and fun-loving that they are seen as innocent and naive people who don’t really […]

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Children can see auras

While adults wonder if seeing the aura is just made up, children will ask about the colors that surround people. Some children can even see colors where there are no people. They describe them as angels or spirits. Others are able to see what most people call ghosts. What children are reluctant to tell us […]